About SIR

The Innovation Network in Agriculture and Rural Areas (SIR) was established by the Polish Ministry of Agriculture in 2015 to support innovation in agriculture, food production and rural areas. The Network functions as part of the Polish Rural Network and is the national correspondent for the agricultural European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI).

The management of the Network has been delegated to the Agricultural Advisory Centre (CDR) in Brwinów, which acts as Network coordinator. At a provincial level the Network is also housed with entities making up the public advisory system – the 16 regional agricultural advisory centres (WODR).


The Network’s mission

is to:

  • facilitate the development and operation of networking among farmers, advisory units, research centres, entrepreneurs of the agri-food sector and other entities supporting the implementation of innovations in agriculture, forestry, food production, and in rural areas;
  • facilitate the transfer of knowledge and of best practice in innovations in agriculture, forestry, food production, and in rural areas;
  • assist in the establishment of EIP-AGRI Operational Groups and in drafting projects for implementation by the Groups, as well as in promoting the results of their activities.


Thousands of participants have to date engaged with the Network at national and provincial levels through various activities that have been carried out. To achieve its objectives, the Network organises events, such as conferences, training sessions, workshops, study tours, and issues thematic publications.


As part of its activities, the Network connects and mobilizes different actors. The key partners include: farmers, industry associations, farmers’ organisations, scientists, agricultural advisors and entrepreneurs of the agri-food sector. The Network currently brings together almost 900 partners.


Measure 16 ‘Cooperation’

Through its innovation brokers the Innovation Network in Agriculture and Rural Areas provides support for the implementation of the ‘Cooperation’ measure funded under the Rural Development Programme.

This is the first activity of its kind to encourage implementation of innovation in agriculture through the effective collaboration of scientists with farmers, entrepreneurs and advisory entities that become part of the EIP-AGRI Operational Groups.



Innovation Network in Agriculture and Rural Areas (SIR), CDR Warsaw Branch Office, ul. Wspólna 30, 00-930 Warszawa, Poland e-mail: warszawa@cdr.gov.pl,  phone: +48 22 623 28 49

Iwona Obojska-Chomiczewska, SIR Team Manager, e-mail: i.obojska@cdr.gov.pl

Aleksander Bomberski, Innovation Broker, e-mail: a.bomberski@cdr.gov.pl